About us

We are Sofruco Foods, part of the La Rosa Sofruco Agricultural Society, we are experienced harvesters, thanks to our quality and 100% natural products, which make us pioneers in the agroindustrial area.

We have multiple agricultural product categories, such as: fresh fruits, dehydrated fruits, nuts, bee and palm honey, and 100% natural juices. Each of these products is located in Peumo, Sixth region. This place has13,767.01 hectares with land that is ideal for our crops, in which we grow a large variety of healthy products.

Conoce nuestros campos

Fundo Sofruco
Fundo Cornellana
Fundo la Rosa
Fundo la Palmeria

We harvest quality

Each of our productions is 100% natural, as it has healthy products that meet the highest quality standards. We are Sofruco Foods, part of the La Rosa Sofruco Agricultural Society, which is responsible for delivering the healthiest products on the market. Our quality and experience in the market guarantee our natural flavor as a legacy of our history.


Our company is concerned about conserving the Chilean Palm (Jubaea Chilensis), which was declared as endangered species a few years ago, if you want to learn more about preserving it.

High standards

Each of our estate’s products is cultivated thanks to the many minerals found in the lands of Sofruco, which mix our highest quality with the naturalness of the native forests, to give your table a unique flavor. Each production is carried out by experts in their area to deliver a healthy product.